Friday, March 26, 2010

London in 3D - a look back in time

I am eternally terrified that I would one day be one of those faceless Londoners who lugs himself out to work every day, suffers the minor inconveniences that the Tube brings us every now and then travel in the reverse direction exactly nine hours later. Well, for most days anyway.

Now that spend most of my daylight hours in Canary Wharf, there is a real danger of that happening. A colleague of mine who resides in Canary Wharf as well literally finds himself confined to a 2km radius of Canary Wharf Tube station for most of the year. I shudder at the thought of that.

After grabbing a quick lunch at Nandos, which incidentally arranged their menu and conveniently increased their prices, I made a quick dash to Waterstone. My favourite section? Definitely the London section where books on the quirky and quaint side of London are stocked.

Something caught my eye that day. "London in 3D - a look back in time" in bold golden letters printed on the front of the hardcover. After Avatar, anything in 3D sells. In fact, Hollywood is pushing out remake of blockbusters in 3D. I wonder how Saving Private Ryan would be like in 3D with surround sound.


Where was I again? Yes. The 3D book. Now, what’s interesting is that instead of dinosaurs (we do get that quite a lot, don’t we?), it provides an archive of old London photographs a century old. By altering the viewing angle slightly, you would be able to a absolutely convincing 3D images of Victorian London. As I peered into the glasses provided, time stood still as 3D images of familiar streets of London were formed. The only thing that gave the age of the photos away were the costumes of the pedestrian frozen in their tracks, which was clearly from a different era.

Retailing at Waterstone at £12.99, it’s going for £7.44 at Amazon, London in 3D - a look back in time would be a great gift for kids – or the child in us all.

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Anonymous said...

why eat at nandos?
when there is so much variety out there. And you can even browse the menus online. nandos?

kyh said...

Wow... I love the sound of a book in 3D... what's more a book on a great city a century back! You should provide us a peek of the books contents. :P

William K Wallace said...

I will have to have a wee peek at that book.

Why eat at Nandos? Why not? It may not be be greatest place in the world, but it is reasonable cheap and of a reasonable quality. And for a lunch it sure beats some dodgy pizza or Chinese buffet...!

C K said...

Hmm, this looks like a case of link dropping. Oh well.

Not too sure whether that'll help as I don't think I can 'project' a 3D image on a screen, can I? :)

Hey, hold on a minute. Since when this becomes a discussion about Nandos (which by the way is fantastic)?

But I agree with you on the Chinese buffets. Then again, if you go for those that cost a bit more... I normally go to the Mr. Wu buffet along Shaftesbury Ave (around 10 quid per head) if I feel like stuffing my face. lol.

FĂ«anor said...

Good tip, CK. I should rush out and buy a copy of this book. Preferably second-hand, as I'm cheap that way. (and the bonus was non-existent this year. Why do I bother to work?)

C K said...

Aw, come come. At least Gordan's mighty sure that economy is recovering. I do take solace in that. :)