Friday, March 26, 2010

Regent's Park - the first spring bloom

After an entire week of typical English bleak weather, there was finally a break of sunshine last Sunday and we were off to Regent's Park to catch the first blooms of spring. Well, it didn't work out as planned as Bakerloo line was down and we had to take a hike from Oxford Circus to Regent's Park. It was the first time I took that route and though it looked terribly far on the map, it wasn't too bad really.


When we finally reached Regent's Park, there were quite a number like minded people strolling along the many paths cutting through the park. Like many, we were pretty much confined to the eastern end when we first visited the vast park. If you care to take a look at maps strategically planted all over the place, the main thoroughfare on the east is just one small section of what Regent's Park can offer.


Towards the west and you'll hit Regent's Park's pond, which is abound with ducks and geese, and the rose garden being just round the corner. My favourite is definitely the St. John's Lodge Garden, affectionately known as The Secret Garden. Hidden behind hedges from the public eye, the garden is accessible through one entrance (as far as I know).





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Cashmere said...

Oh... That lil' yellow flowers are so pretty.. I like the bare trees too.. It looks like a nice place to visit. :)

We have bleak weather too... It's been raining heavily everyday! But a nice weather for sleep.. :)

C K said...

Thanks. It was a good walk even though the trees were still a tad too bare.

Will be posting pics of a full bloom in a couple of weeks' time!