Thursday, April 1, 2010

"We will flood the City Hall with Easter eggs ahead of holidays!" announced Boris Johnson

London Mayor Boris Johnson has set a new high for the Mayoral office once again. After declaring that the main celebration for London 2012 Olympics would be located in the centre of London though the Games itself would take place towards the east at Stratford, he threw another surprise on during an interview on BBC Breakfast this morning.

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In a bid to lift Londoners mood ahead of the long Easter holiday weekend, City Hall would bring in truckloads of Cadbury Easter chocolates and filled the entire floor of the egg shaped City Hall with, well, Easter egg chocolates. “Chocolates do lift spirits and this is one chance Londoners have to grab some Cadbury (chocolates) before the production moves out of the UK,” Mayor Johnson exclaimed.

In the fifteen minutes interview, the buoyant Mayor Johnson also outlined plans to rejuvenate Thames path ahead of London 2012. Besides making it more bicycle friendly, there are plans to plant English roses along the path’s entire stretch. “Nothing beats waking up to a beautiful morning and walking along a rosy path, is there?” the Mayor beamed.

Now, that’s another reason to stay in London other than the depressing exchange rate that is.

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Nora Din said...

Hahaha CK. Dun wanna be a wet blanket but it sounds sooooo April Fool to me!!

C K said...

@Nora Din,
Oh really, I didn't even realize that it's April Fool today... :)

ariel said...

its cool...

Karin said...

lol. it's either boris playing an april's fool or someone playing an april fool's on boris by telling him that it WOULD be possible to fill the entire of City Hall with easter eggs. Somehow with Boris in the picture, I have an inkling that it's the latter option =p