Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dry cleaning and Laundry home delivery in London - cheap and reliable

The door to my living room is filled covered with scraps of paper that we have collected over the years - recipes, photos, postcards, brochures and even newspaper cuttings. But the one single piece that takes centre stage is the price list from Shirts n' Blouses Drycleaning and Laundry.


Shirts n' Blouses was introduced to me by an acquaintance when I mentioned that I got this stubborn stain on my jacket, which was likely to cost me a tidy sum to get rid of. "Why not get Karl to clean it for you?" she suggested and promptly passed me his contact.

Karl, a friendly guy with a James May styled floppy mop, who runs Shirts n' Blouses would pick up your laundry from your home, clean it and send it back to your doorstep within 2 working days. We have since used his service a couple of times for dry cleaning purposes. So far, he has been pretty reliable and his rates are reasonable for home delivery laundry - dry cleaning a coat cost £6.95.

Well, while I get a feeling that he operates only within central London, I might be mistaken. Rather than bringing your laundry to a local laundry store the next time round, why not give Karl a call?

Shirts n' Blouses
Dry cleaning and Laundry (Home delivery)
0786 027 6709 (ask for Karl)

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