Saturday, May 15, 2010

Grace Kelly: Style Icon exhibition - Victoria & Albert Museum

If you like a good story and pretty frocks, hop down to the Victoria and Albert Museum this instant. V&A museum is now hosting an exhibition "Grace Kelly: Style Icon" which shows the spectacular wardrobe of Grace Kelly, Hollywood royalty of the 1950s who went on to become a real life princess when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Grace+Kelly+exhibition+review+Victoria+and+Albert+MuseumI had expected the exhibition to be on a scale similar to that for V&A's The Golden Age of Couture in 2008 but it was much smaller and could easily be covered in an hour or less. Neverthess it showcased a well edited collection of dresses from Grace Kelly's films as well as the haute couture gowns that she wore as Princess Grace of Monaco.

I particularly liked the simple dresses that she apparently wore on the school run - chanelling effortless American chic and yet sensible enough for day to day wear. The old news clips showing footage from her films as well as her royal wedding which were screened on the walls next to the dress displays livened things up a bit and lent some old world glamour to the exhibition.

Well worth a visit but do book your tickets in advance as it is very popular especially if you are going on a weekend! The first time I went it was entirely booked up for that day and the next day as well And if you are at the V&A, do check out their museum shop. They have an alluring display of costume jewellery inspired by 50's glamour such as this pearl curved stud earrings, good for a treat or as a present, simply not to be missed!

Victoria & Albert Museum
Cromwell Road
London SW7 2RL
020 7942 2000

The author, who goes by the moniker of Twinkle Toes, is a sporadic contributor to London Chow and Singaporean in London. She, like most of us, loves her food and the finer things in life.

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Emm said...

Looks interesting - would you say it is worth the £7.40 entrance fee?

C K said...

Knowing myself, I wouldn't go for this. Then again, I'm not into fashion (vintage or not) either. :)

But TT seems to enjoy it though. Are you heading there?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion Grace Kelly Exhibition is really worth 7,40 GBP, even more. It was really fascinating, her clothes, shoes, hats, jewellery, eye and sun glasses, photos, everything were so perfect and beautifully presented in a large black surroundings with lights and music. On the background you could see films in which she played before she got married, and then a film when she left America 1956 in order to get married in Monaco, also a lovely film about this royal wedding. It's not often you can see such a lovely exhibition and so well displayed. I can recommend warmly!
Anneli from Finland