Monday, May 24, 2010

Museum of London - from prehistoric to the modern day London

I highlighted this as one of the museums to visit if you have been to London earlier. Unlike the massive British Museum, Museum of London is a more compact and can be easily managed in one afternoon if not lesser.


As the name implies, the exhibits in Museum of London is primarily on London an it makes scant mention of the fact that it was once the capital of the largest empire the world has ever known.

'London before London' deals with the prehistoric settlements in the area where London now stands. Tools, stone weapons and scale models made up this part of the exhibition.


The came the Romans who provided the roads and other infrastructures, not to mentioned the name Londondium, the precursor of the modern name - London. 'Medieval London' came soon after that. A projector display shows the development of London from a settlement of 8,000 to a sprawling metropolis that we are more familiar with.

Pier at Londondium

Roman kitchen

The main attractions include the 'Black Death' multimedia show. Killing nearly half of its inhabitants in 1665, it saw the London awashed with corpse with blistering wounds - the tell tale sign of a plague victim. The Great Fire of 1666, which raged for a few days and claimed not only tens of thousands of homes but also the St Paul's Cathedral itself, was also featured in another mutimedia show against the foreground of scaled model of 17th century London.

St Paul's Cathedral before it was burnt down in the Great Fire of 1666

Look out for the Museum of London's newest 'You are here' galleries that showcase London from 1666 to present day coming your way on 28th May 2010. Three years in the making and over a million new artifacts on display, this is something that no visitors or Londoners should miss. Watch this space for an overview of this exhibition once it opens!

Replica of Shakespearean theatre


Museum of London
London Wall
Tel: 020 7001 9844
London EC2Y 5HN

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FĂ«anor said...

Seeing as you're a Canary Wharf man these days, have you been to the Museum of London in the Docklands? I haven't visited it yet, so if you do, please shout.

C K said...

I walk past it every now and then. Might be able to squeeze a visit during lunch. :)

Will let you know how it goes. Cheers!

Emm said...

What a great looking place! I remember seeing it when i did the City Race for Life last year and I must make an effort to visit it one day.

I especially like the street signs in your last photo.

C K said...

With the 'You are Here' galleries up, you should be able to spend a couple of hours here at least. Oh, the road signs are right by the main entrance!