Monday, June 21, 2010

Ambala - Euston (Drummond Street) Indian sweet and savory snacks shop

'Say, if you are heading to Zeen for dinner, why not drop by Ambala as well?' Ab asks. 'That, my friend, is one of the most established and popular Indian sweet shop in the UK.'

Fortunately for me, I don't really have a sweet tooth. That's perhaps the sole reason why I have yet to be categorized medically as 'obese' given my penchant for fatty meats (see Leong's Legends Continue). But when someone come up with a comment like that with the likes of 'popular' and 'established', I find it hard to ignore. Ab scribbled two words on a post-it - Ambala and rasmalai. 'Be sure to try rasmalai when you are at Ambala.' That didn't help matters a single bit.


You can't really miss Ambala when you get to Drummond Street. True, there are other sweet shops along the street but with its respectable looking facade, Ambala could very well be mistaken for a bank branch.

It must be getting late when we stepped into the shop at around 7pm; most of its shelves are already cleared. Other than some freshly prepared savory snacks, there was nothing very much else.

Wife and I began to mill around the shop and it was pretty obvious that we have no idea what to get when I caught sight of the rasmalai that Ab was talking about. 'There,' I point it out to Wife. 'Why not get some savory snacks as well? You would want something to munch on during the (World Cup) matches - she'll do anything to get me off crisps but I'm not sure whether the Ambala's spicy deep fried battered potato strips would help.


'We go a long way back, people come from all over the place,' the cashier helpfully informed me at the counter after giving me the go-ahead when I asked for permission for taking some photographs. That, I believe as the customers streaming in come in all ages - from elderly gentlemen who spoke to the staff in their native tongue to youths who prefer to stick to English.

I thought that it would be really useful for some of us who know nuts about Indian sweets and snacks to have some signs beside the items on sale. Then again, I guess majority of the customers know exactly what to get.

If you catching a train at Euston the next time round, forget krispy cremes and Cornish pasties, head to Ambala to get a bag of savory snacks instead. Trust me, you'll never get enough of it. Oh, if you are getting the samosa (yes, they have those as well)

112-114 Drummond Street
London, NW1 2HN
Tel: 020 7387 3521

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