Friday, June 11, 2010

Cha Cha Moon engrish and chaineese - definitely a first!

If you could occasionally peel your eyes away from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social networking sites, you might just stumble across some of the ‘engrish’ websites that are strewn across the internet. Most popular are those that show incredulous translation to English from local signs found mainly in Japan, China and sometimes Hong Kong.

However, having said that, the saving grace is that even if you have absolutely no idea what the particular signs are referring to, you can always refer to the local language. That is if you understand the local language to begin with. That makes sense, isn’t it? I mean, the language has to be correct in the local language.


That was exactly what I thought until I came across the promotional material at Cha Cha Moon.

It came as a poem (nice!). As I went down the two short stanzas, I couldn’t help but think of the zombie movie, which name I had successfully blocked out from my traumatised mind, that I saw as a kid. Foolishly thinking that I would be able to seek some solace in the Chinese translation, I glanced over to it.



My grimace must be quite obvious. Wife took over the bright red card, looked at it.

“Doesn’t quite make sense, does it?”, she mumbled. That could easily qualify for the understatement of the year. It seems that Cha Cha Moon has achieved that dubious accomplishment of having engrish and chaineese on a single page. The terrifying image of the zombie with a grotesque smile crawling at the window got stuck on my mind. Darn.

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xiaocangshu said...

Looks like the original is the English one.

Can't wrap my head around why a restaurant would have that in their material though.

kyh said...

they were probably using a google translator or babelfish for that! haha!!

C K said...

Now that you mentioned that, there wasn't really anything on that slip of red B4 size card. Other than the address of the restaurant itself that is.

Ah, come to think of it!

sixmats said...

It reads like a Pink Floyd song.

C K said...

Now that you mention it...