Thursday, June 17, 2010

Household Cavalry Museum - life of a Queen's cavalryman

Most first time visitors to London would definitely pay a visit to the Horses Guard to watch the changing of the guard or simply just to take photos with the impressively attired mounted sentries at the entrance. Very few would actually pay a visit to the Household Cavalry Museum situated just a few steps beyond where the arch of the building marks the entrance to the royal residences and where the cobbled floors of the 18 century stables lie beneath your feet.


Opened only in 2007 the household cavalry museum provides an interesting insight into the history and day to day of the household cavalry. It houses a variety of exhibits from the uniforms of centuries past to the present day, on the changing role of the household cavalry, on the ceremonial and active service roles it plays and the day to day life of a soldier in the household calvary.

I am by no means a military afficandio but the succinct information bites accompanying the exhibits kept me interested throughout. I learnt many interesting tidbits - each of the members participating in ceremonial mounted service has to spend 10 hours each day getting their kit ready and the reason for the 4 pm inspection parade has a story behind it - Queen Elizabeth I found on a visit to the guard house that the entire guard was gambling and ordered that a 4 pm punishment inspection be conducted each day and the tradition continues to this day!


Apparently the horses could be tyrants and have thrown their riders off many a times. The dedication to their roles by the guards is most impressive. The LCD TV displays showing the household cavalry at work and in training also helps to provide depth to the exhibition. You would also be able to look into the working stable where the magnificent horses are housed and you could see the servicemen going about their tasks. Those visitors who love to hassle the guards while taking photos should pay a visit to this museum and give those guards the due respect. All in all a very fascinating visit and well worth the 6 quid ticket and there's free entry for London Pass holders.

The Household Cavalry Museum
Horse Guards
London SW1A 2AX
Tel: 020 7930 3070

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