Monday, June 7, 2010

Teasmith - Spitalfields Tea Specialist shop

Tired of the usual cappuccino? Prefer an earthy brew of tea instead? Teasmith is your kind of place then. Situated in the Spitalfields market, Teasmith is a godsend to tealovers with the varieties of tea it has on offer. Black tea, green tea, white tea, flower tea, you name it they have it.


It has a modern feel to it with a tea bar where the staff would brew your tea right in front of you and where you can enjoy your tea. When I was there I had kuki hojicha, a Japanese roasted tea which had a wonderful fragrance and subtle taste.


Teasmith carries cookies from William Curley as well to go with their teas and I had a chocolate sable and walnut/miso biscuit to go with my roasted tea. I was initially skeptical about having cookies with roasted tea as it had always seemed to me that cookies are meant to be dunked in milky teas but to my surprise the cookies worked a treat. I was particularly impressed with the walnut/miso biscuit, its slight saltiness went really well with my tea and the taste was really out of this world. One of the most interesting flavours I have tried in a while. The staff were also really helpful when asked for advice on the tea selection available which really enhanced the experience.



When I checked out Teasmith's website, it mentioned that Teasmith carries William Curley's other delicacies such as green tea cake and chocolate yuzu cake but I didn't spot them when I was there. I am curious to see how they would work with greean tea. Now that gives me a reason to go back to Teasmith!

6 Lamb Street
London E1 6EA
020 7247 1333

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