Thursday, July 22, 2010

Barclays Live Dance Competition at Leicester Square - Deadline this coming Sunday!

I’m a fan of Britain’s Got Talent. There, I said it. It’s not about the judges though some may disagree. It’s not even about dancing poodles, weightlifting senior citizens, operatic voices from people that you would never even imagine carrying a tune. No, it’s not about the fire-eating, sword swallowing, wheel barrowing strapping chaps.

It’s all about the dances. Be it solo or group performances, the success of Britain’s Got Talent hinges on its dance entries. Yes, that and the judges’ comments as well.


Although BGT has done its rounds in London, Barclays is holding a dance competition live at Leicester Square on Saturday 31st July. After running similar competition in Reading and Birmingham, Barclays Live is finally coming to the capital. With Strictly Come Dancing’s newly-wed Brendan Cole as the judge and a £1,000 prize to the winner, this one is definitely worth looking out for.

For those who think that they have what it takes to clinch the prize and perhaps set themselves for future stardom, I was told that the deadline for entries is this coming Sunday 25th July. To enter, pop by or send a link to a YouTube video showing your moves or email directly at along with the dance clip and contact details. If you have recorded a dance clip, don't let it ferment in your harddisk. Who knows? You might just walk away with £1,000 on 31st July.

For the rest of us, here’s a treat to the previous Barclays Live winner, Steadiflux’s smooth moves. I don't know about you but I'll be down catching it live at Leicester Square.

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Colleen said...

Oh cool, I didn't know about this! I've just newly discovered your blog as well and look forward to following as a quality London resource from an expat perspective. Cheers!