Monday, July 12, 2010

London Borough Market - the mother of all farmers' markets in London

London Borough Market is one attraction that is often overlooked by tourists to London. Yes, it's essentially a farmers' market but it is the farmers' market in London that you should stop by if you are in London for over a weekend. Though the wholesale market is open every weekday morning (2am - 8am), the retail market (which is the one that you should be interested in) comes alive between Thurs to Saturday (late morning to late afternoon).


I would definitely recommend that you visit on a Saturday between 10am - 2pm. That's when all the retail stalls are open, and the entire market, bustling with activity, is teeming with Londoners and tourists alike. Please go with an empty stomach, well, if you have to, just grab a light breakfast at the hotel before heading to the Borough Market.


A word of caution here, like all crowded places, Borough Market has its share of pickpockets. I know of someone who was relieved of her wallet while she was savouring some of the jam samples. Once your valuables go missing, they are as good as gone. Just keep them in sight and you should be fine.



A salt beef sandwich could be had for £4.50, a chicken or beef burger under a fiver, sweet pastries just over a quid per piece, some scallops with bacon bits (from Shell Seekers), all that down with a cappuccino from Monmouth. That's basically your brunch. If you haven't got your fill, I'm sure the samples available from a number of stalls (cheese, artisan breads, homemade jams, chocolate fudges) would top it up nicely.


What's a farmers' market without fresh produce? If you are thinking of conjuring up some meals at home, meats, vegetables and fruits don't get fresher than those in Borough Market. Mind you, they don't come as cheap as they do at Asda or your local supermarket but the quality more than make up for it.



If you have got some time on your hands, grab some takeaway and settle down for a nice picnic at the grounds of the nearby Southwark Cathedral. The Cathedral has been a place of worship for over 1000 years though it has only been a cathedral since the turn of the 20th century. Take a peek into the glass showcase within the Cathedral that shows the layer of dirt beneath the structure displaying the Roman water pipes and other artifacts.

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Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi I found you over on Lady Banana's blog .. I went to Borough market for the first time in April and I live in the UK near Oxford, go to london a lot, to visit family.

I am really happy that I went and I waited for a very good blogger friend to come from Paris for the week and we went together. :-)

C K said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. Been to Oxford a couple of times to visit a fried who was studying over there. Christchurch was fabulous!

Did you manage to haul back anything from Borough Market? Just wondering, where else in London would you make a point to pop by when you are in town?