Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Towpath Cafe - Hackney's pitstop along Regent's Canal

There are huge fanciful cafes that serve the most exotic breads with names that you find it hard to pronounce and there are makeshift ones that charges a mere quid for a breakfast tea. And then there are some those that lie just beside a canal.


Make no mistake, Towpath Café, that sits mere metres from Regents Canal in Hackney isn’t one of those fanciful ones. A small cup of hot chocolate sets you back by over two quid – it’s not cheap either. More importantly, it served as a pit stop along Regents Canal and it was packed when Wife and I were there two months back when a bout of heavy rain put an end to our trek to Broadwalk Market on a Saturday afternoon.


Judging by the look of the other customers, we weren’t the only one seeking refuge at Towpath Café. The tiny hole in the wall just isn’t the place where you make a special trip down to if you know what I mean. With the gathering storm threatening to blow away the makeshift cover, the couple of us in the café found ourselves cowering towards the interior wall, not that there was much room to begin with.

Once there was some sign of the rain letting off, those who had been trapped in the café began to getting off at the earliest opportunity. We made a mad dash back home.

While our first visit to the Towpath Cafe wasn't the most pleasant experience, it might be worth your while to make a stop during your weekend walks along this part of the Regent's Canal. When the sun is out and the ducklings residing along the canal banks are out to play, Towpath Cafe might actually be a nice place to spend a lazy afternoon with a group of pals. Oh, don't bother bringing along a novel, it's going to be too noisy for that.

Have you been to any other cafes along Regent's Canal that you would recommend?

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Fëanor said...

There's a nice little cafe on a bridge over the canals at Little Venice. I forget the name, but it's unmissable if you follow the canal up from near the Warwick Avenue tube.

C K said...

I think I've walked past it before during my one and only trip down to Little Venice from Camden Market. Gave that a miss though. Went to one nifty cafe in a boat instead. :)