Friday, July 9, 2010

Why Netherlands will win the World Cup 2010 - Singapore's psychic steps in

Let's be honest, no one is going to give a hoot about the Saturday's match between Germany and Uruguay. I mean, how many of us can remember who took the second place much less the third and fourth. With all eyes on Sunday's World Cup Final, the number one question on our minds would be who will be lifting the cup when the final whistle is blown.

Paul the German octopus has spoken and he has picked the Spanish team. He hasn't been wrong thus far for the World Cup 2010. To give him some credit, he didn't even flinch when his prediction of Germany's loss to Spain came true and Germans football fans are looking to serve him on the local restaurant.

Mani, the psychic parakeet at Singapore's Little India (image source)

Lo and behold, Singapore got its spot on the UK media. Mani, the psychic parakeet from Singapore's Little India, picked the Netherlands. He, like Paul, has been right thus far for this World Cup, much to the delight of local punters.

So it's Mani up against Paul. I was all ready to head to Ladbrokes for Spain until Wife across the Daily Mail article on Mani. With no affiliations to either teams, I spent some time trying to imagine which will emerge victor in a tussle between a parakeet and octopus to no avail. Looks like I would just sit back and enjoy the match this time round.

What about you? Any psychic prediction on which team will be the World Cup 2010 champions?

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Cashmere said...

Tight match but...Spain won!! Wooohooo!
The parakeet has been wrong a few times.. So, don't rely on it. But the octopus was 100% right I think.. ;)

C K said...

Did you stay up to catch that? It was playing at 7.30pm over here so it wasn't too bad.

I thought that the foul committed by Spain just before Spain scored if taken into account would probably change the whole game. But who knows?

Looks like the oracle octopus would survive for quite a while more. Not too sure about the parakeet though.