Monday, August 9, 2010

London Signature Chinese dish - Roast duck at Four Seasons

Before I came to London, I have been told that I should go try out the two signature Chinese dishes that London is known for – lobster noodles and roast duck. Incidentally, if you were to take a stroll down London Chinatown’s Gerrard Street, you would notice that there would be rows of roast ducks hanging on the display of almost every single Chinese restaurant that lined the street. I’ve yet to see a lobster on display though.

After dining at a couple of Chinese restaurants and ordering these dishes, the conclusion is that the best roast duck can be found at Gerrard Street’s Four Seasons and the best lobster noodles at Paddington’s Pearl Liang.


Despite Wife’s teasing of my ever growing girth, my weakness for roast meats means that I have this compulsion to get a takeaway from Four Seasons every single time I am in the area (which unfortunately became rather frequent these days). Not contented with just its roast duck, I would ask for its “three roasts” (or san pin) that consists of roast duck, roast meat and charsiew. A portion of that goes for £9 and could easily feed four light eaters.

You have to forgive me for the picture above. It was taken after I nearly took a tumble on my way back. That explains its presentation. Believe me, it tastes way better than it looks.

If you were to get this, do ask for some chilli oil, which they will provide only upon request. It certainly adds some flavour to the juicy roast meats. Just cook some plain fragrant rice and you’re good to go. You know what? Roast meat is superb with beer.

Where's your favourite takeaway place? What would you normally go for?

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Aidyl said...

Haha, I went to Four Seasons recently after hearing it was the best for "something-I-then_couldnt-remember". My bf and me ordered loads of things from their menu....
except for one thing "roast duck".
It suddenly dawned on me when reading one of the newspaper articles at the door....when we were already leaving.

jfook said...

Nine Poun that's a bit too expensive for me. HAHA

Fëanor said...

So! You're eating so much you can't find your feet, and so are stumbling about? :-) Man, time to get on to that Boris Bike.

Btw, went to Imperial China for dim-sum the other day. I thought it was good, but perhaps you should review?

Valencia Khoo said...

You are making me drooooooool.... Argh!

C K said...

Ouch! But that gives you a perfect reason to return, isn't it? How were the dishes that you actually ordered?

Ah, it's isn't exactly cheap but I thought it's worth every penny. Slurp!

I can't cycle, remember? Stumbling? Blame it on the clobbered path leading to my place. I was thinking about dinner and the next thing I know...

Have not been to Imperial China. Was it good? With the Little One around, it's hard to plan a proper meal these days but I'm sure you are well aware of that. But if you are thinking of guest blogging... :)

Hey, how's it going over at Down Under? Aww, come on, I'm sure the Chinese cuisine there isn't too bad, is it?

Anonymous said...

Do you know the take away below the Malaysian embassy?

C K said...

Hmm, can't say I do. What about it? I didn't know that there's one below the Malaysia High Commission at Belgrave Square.