Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hugh's Gallery - New Row's London souvenir photographs specialist

I run into the same problem every single time just before a visit back home. Fussing about what souvenirs to bring back always vexes me to no end. Small things like can openers that come in the shape of red telephone booths and post boxes are a tad, well, too small. Clothes? Nah, the last thing you want it having to exchange them on your return trip. Food? Maybe but they don’t last, do they?

Why not bring back some photographs? Face it, the ones that you have taken will never be as good. I know mine didn’t turn out that well. Anyway, a nicely framed photograph of London’s sights is always a winner. Simple and elegant. More importantly, they’re flat and that fits into the luggage perfectly.


I chanced upon Hugh’s Gallery at its temporary stall set up in Covent Garden’s Jubilee Market. Its makeshift stall peddles digitally enhanced photographs of a whole range of London famous attractions, mostly in black and white with a dash of red (London buses, post boxes, telephone booths etc.). Going from a tenner and above depending on whether you’re getting one that comes with a frame, it makes for an nice gift for your folks back home.

Its shop at New Row, which is short stroll away from Covent Garden, is a full size photo gallery with a whole lot more selection. If you are in the area, check out for its discount selection on the tables laid out at the store front.

Hugh's Gallery
7 New Row, Garden
London WC2N 4LH
020 7836 4459

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Thristhan said...

Wow, nice gallery. I was there in Londond in 1997 and 1998, don't remember seeing this place. Probably it did not exist then.

C K said...

Not sure whether it was already there then but it's not along the main thoroughfare so you might very well have missed it.