Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Naked Polaroids with lead Michael Taylor

I stood in front of the photocopying machine stupefied by the arrays of buttons and blinking LEDs on a panel attached to its side. It's one of those machines that masquerade as a photocopying machines but actually could do just about anything and everything other than making coffee.

Placing my original under the machine's lid, I pressed the button - the gigantic green one with a green blinking light ignoring all the rest of the buttons. Things should be made simple, shouldn't they? I mean, I didn't need to make a pdf copy, no need to fax or email it. I just need a copy, black and white, not even colour mind you.

Nothing happened. Not even a single beep.

"Erm, perhaps it can't sense the orientation of your originals," Mike, who was patiently standing behind me waiting for his go at the machine, explained and helped me to set it up.

"So, any plans for the weekend?" I was desperate to divert the attention away from my hopelessness with the machine that wouldn't look a single bit on The Enterprise.

"Actually, I'm going to practice with my band." Now, that's something new. It turned out that Mike is the lead singer and guitarist for The Naked Polaroids.


Later on, he forwarded a link to The Naked Polaroids' single Outta Time. To be honest, it wasn't too bad at all considering that I'm not exactly a fan of electro punk pop. Why not just drop by the link and listen in? Like it? It's only a quid to download it.

If you are hungry for more, The Naked Polaroids will be performing at Dead or Alive - Hackney on the 19th August.

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