Tuesday, August 24, 2010

BP Portrait Award 2010 exhibition - National Portrait Gallery

The best things is life is free and you’ll be spoilt for choices in London. If you are in the vicinity of Trafalgar Square, be sure to drop by the BP Portrait Award 2010 exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery.


Featuring fifty-eight selected works of 2,177 entrants, the BP Portrait Award 2010 exhibition presents works of artists’ friends and relatives, as well as celebrities.

After staring at Shaun Downey’s portrait of his friend Dearbhall against a floral backfround on the Tube for the longest of time, I finally made my way down to the National Portrait Gallery over the weekend. What struck me about the portraits on displayed is the intimacy of the sitter to the viewer. In several instances, you could almost sense their presence when viewing the portraits and it’s as if the artists caught their sitters while they were going about their own business.

Other than Shaun Downey’s work, look out for Michal Ozibko’s portrait of his classmate Jana. With her iPod’s earphones still stuck into her ears while looking downwards, the whisks of her hairline just leap out of the frame. Daphne Todd, the winner of the £25,000 BP Portrait 2010 first prize, submitted a portrait of her mother, who consented to being painted after her death. This piece, which depicted the fragility of life is another centrepiece of the exhibition.

BP Portrait Award 2010 exhibition at National Portrait gallery is definitely worth your while. It can get quite crowded so set aside at least an hour to view all exhibits.

National Portrait Gallery
Till 19th Sept
Admission Free

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Lemon Grass Princess said...

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C K said...

Hi Wanxin,
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Lemon Grass Princess said...

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C K said...

Will do. Cheers!