Sunday, August 8, 2010

Singapore's 45th National Day - birthday greetings from A Singaporean in London

During a call with a colleague based in Hongkong, he mentioned in passing that this coming Monday will be a public holiday in Singapore. It only dawned to me then that it's Singapore's 45th national day.

Like previous years, we like many Singaporeans based in London are invited to a mini celebration at the Singapore's High Commission in London. But this time round, with the Little One here, I don't think we'll be making out way there. I wouldn't fancy her bawling in the middle of the pledge recitation, would I?


I'd probably miss some of the Singaporean food served in the event and the cheesy birthday cake with a Singapore flag icing layer but the bunch of us could very easily get together for a Singaporean meal in London these days so no major losses over there.

Every 9th August, there's this nostalgia about all the things and places back in Singapore that I hold dear. The Alexandra Food Market that I used to bring Wife to when we were teenagers, the chicken rice stall that Dad used to bring me to at Magaret Drive, the Queenstown National Library that I had spent many afternoons and of course the fishing trip to Jurong Island with Dad before the area was shut down due to terror threats.

Well, things have changed quite a bit over the years back home. Pace of life has increased, things are way more expensive and it's getting crowded on the tiny isle as well. But despite all that, this tiny patch of land at the tip of Malayan peninsular will always be home.

Happy birthday, Singapore.

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waitingkitty said...

Happy National Day! Yes, I miss all things back in Singapore too! And not many people know of the Chicken Rice at Margaret Drive! I am glad you know it too! But I heard it's not there sad...

C K said...

Happy National Day! Yep, if I remember correctly, the building was no more two years back. Pity really. I thought that the hawker centre pretty much define the area. That and the two cinemas nearby.

What's your favourite haunt back home?

Kelly Hosanna said...

Happy National Day to you (I'm a Singaporean in Australia haha!)! I happened to chance on your blog and I really enjoyed reading your entries on your experiences living in London. :)

C K said...

Happy National Day too! Any major celebrations over at your end? Fantastic blog you have over there. I was thinking of dropping a comment or two but just not sure where to go about doing that. lol.

Kelly Hosanna said...

Haha, we had a joint NDP live screening on UQ campus for Singaporean (and non-Singaporean) students and we served Singaporean food prior to that. It was pretty much a success! Will blog about that soon enough haha.

BTW, you can drop a comment at the end of each entry or type in your comment on the tagbox on the right side

C K said...

Got that. Will be looking out for your post on the screening. :)