Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Everyman Cinema Baby Club - where to go with your screaming baby

In her comment in my 10 things that you have to do in London post, drcrab was suggesting that I come up with a list of where to go in London with a little one in tow. For all the parents out there who are tired of taking turns to have a meal or having to look for a babysitter and spending a small fortune everytime you are thinking of going on a quiet date, look no further.


Everyman Cinema, with eight screens across London is offering Baby Club and Kids Club movie screenings during weekday afternoons. Entrance to Baby Club is only allowed if you have with you a screamer under 12 months old and parents or carers with toddlers over a year old can opt for Kids Club instead. Kids go in free while tickets for adults start from £10 and above depending on the cinema.

The ticket comes with a hot drink and a sizable slice of cake. Apparently, Islington Green, one of the eight Everyman cinemas, serve either chocolate or cheese cake. If you have not guessed it already, it doesn't really matter what film is being screened. Many parents, especially new ones, will leap at the chance of being out of their house. Not only you won't be asked to leave if your little one decided to start screaming, no one would even bat an eyelid if you so decide to start feeding your child. The darkened room helps too.

Some of these cinemas doubled up as a small theatre and comes with a modest stage up front. I heard that some parents even use that as a convenient changing mat for their babies. Again, absolutely no problem with that.

If you're on the verge of tearing your hair out with the little one constant squirming, fidgeting, whimpering and fussing, Everyman Cinema is your salvation.

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Traveller said...

As usual, you made me smile and smirk a little as I read :)

C K said...

Always glad to provide that bit of entertainment!

William K Wallace said...

Everywhere I go there seems to be screaming babies. The best place for them is about 3 miles away from where I'm at...

C K said...

Aww, you broke my Little One's heart... :-)

William K Wallace said...

I don't mind babies when they are not screaming...they are of course rather cute.