Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Surrey Docks City Farm - a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle

One thing about London Canary Wharf is that it reminds me too much of Singapore’s Raffles City – highrise office blocks, office workers going about hurriedly, there’s a certain tenseness to the entire place. But unknown to many, there’s a sanctuary just a short ferry ride across River Thames from Canary Wharf Pier.


The Surrey Docks Farm, which spans across 2.2 acre on the south bank of River Thames is a short walk from the Hilton Docklands Nelson Dock Pier. In that modest area, they managed to squeeze in goats, sheep, pigs, donkeys, cattle and a variety of poultry, not to mention a paddle of ducks in a newly refurbished pond of their own.



When we were there on a weekday afternoon, there were mothers with children tagging along eagerly feeding the chicken and patting the sheep. A toddler made her way wobbly to the pigs’ pen and giggled nervously when the hog squealed. Some visitors even ventured to the corner of the farm where the manure was being composted, you could smell it a mile away.


All in all, Surrey Dock Farm is a pleasant getaway from the hustle and bustle of the City. A nice homely café awaits to rest your tired feet and there’s even fresh meat for sale if you fancy some chops for dinner.

Have you been to Surrey Docks Farm or any other farms in London? How was your experience?

Surrey Docks City Farm
South Wharf
Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 5ET
020 7231 1010
Admission Free
Tues - Sun (10am - 5pm)

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William K Wallace said...

I have never been to any farms, apart from at Queens Park, where they just have a small selection of animals.

I was wandering around Canary Wharf late last night and the place was like a ghost town, it seems so much better when it's dark and mostly empty of people...

C K said...

What are you doing in Canary Wharf so late at night? After work drinks I suppose? I dunno but I get the creeps when the area turns all quiet at night. Brrr....

Nora Din said...

CK, I used to live in Beckton which ia a stone's throw away from Canary Wharf. Didn't know there's a farm right smack in London!!! How to get there?? I wanna visit this farm the next time I am in London.

Lady Banana said...

Not been to this farm but years ago I went to one in Gospel Oak, not sure if it still exists though..

.. Just Googled, it does still exist, it's called Kentish Town City Farm, have you been there?

C K said...

@Nora Din,
I think there are several similar 'city' farms all over London (if not central London) and they were set up so that kids would get to see animals that they probably wouldn't get a chance to.

@Lady Banana,
Have not been to Kentish Town City Farm. Seems quite near to Camden Town itself. Might just drop by when I'm in the area. Thanks for the heads up!