Sunday, September 19, 2010

Where to get fresh black cod in London

I've always have a weakness for black cod (known as 'xue yu' back home) we never fail to order this whenever the fish is on the menu (see review on Aqua Kyoto) or even when there are similar varieties (Chilean sea bass at Goldfish City). Unlike in Singapore where black cod is normally steamed and eaten with as little condiments as possible so as not to mask its milky taste, black cod is normally marinated heavily with miso before being pan grilled in London's restaurants, thus the name 'black cod miso'.


Black cod miso doesn't come cheap and can easily command more than £25 per portion on the lower end London restaurants. We had to look for alternatives and thought of doing it on our own. Naturally, we turned to our local fishmonger, Steve Hatt. It turned out that Steve Hatt actually does stock it. The only thing is that the black cod comes in a huge frozen block that goes for a cool £60. Not only that, Steve Hatt doesn't chop it up into pieces for you and "you'll just have to take the whole block," he quipped.

Wife managed to find Fish Fanatics, a website that does online delivery of fresh and frozen fish supplies. 175g of black cod (two decent sized pieces) is sold for just under £15. We made the order and our black cod arrived in a huge styrofoam box filled with dry ice two days later.


Apparently, once delivered, there's enough dry ice in the box to last till the evening. If you're at work, have the fish delivered to the concierge and they'll stay fresh till you're back. Other than the dry ice, each order is vacuum sealed in thick plastic bags so there'll be no spillage.

Of course, Fish Fanatics isn't the only site that does fresh fish delivery. You could also get your fresh black cod at The Fish Society. Not only The Fish Society offers more variety of cuts, there's more choices of weights as well.

One thing to note, however, is that both sites require a minimum delivery before the £10 delivery charge is waived. Well, at least your black cod will come in more manageable portions. Enjoy your black cod!

Do you know where else to get fresh black cod in London?

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William K Wallace said...

I have never even heard of Black Cod let alone tried it until now. It sure is an expensive fish, which would have to taste amazing to for it to be worthy of that sort of price range!

C K said...

It has got this thick milky texture and, in my opinion, tastes best steamed on its own. I'm sure you'll be hooked once you've tried it!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you know but there's a fish monger in Wood Green Shopping Centre that sells fresh fish too! I'm not sure if there's black cod, but it's got a good selection, i reckon. Hubby and I have been looking for food suppliers too, will try this one out!

C K said...

@pleasure monger,
Really? Have not heard of that one. Do you frequent the fishmonger at Wood Green then?

Anonymous said...

It's tucked away in the 'marketplace' area of the shopping mall. I can't remember the exact name. I don't really frequent, but they sell frozen and fresh seafood, so we managed to get some normal cod fish to make fish & chips.

Anonymous said...

its also available at Selfridges in central london. i bought it from there and you can get fillets of them as per your requirements.

London Chow said...

Really? Thanks for the tip. Will check it out.