Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hotel Chocolat Chocolate Advent Calendars - warm up your loved ones' hearts this Christmas

I was very excited at discovering chocolate advent calendars on sale at the supermarkets for my very first Christmas in London. I know what advent calendars are, calendars with treats behind windows, one for each day of December till Christmas, to help you pass the time leading up to Christmas in anticipation but for some reason it wasn't easy to find them in Singapore. Maybe things have changed since then but I certainly could not find chocolate advent calendars in the local Cold Storage then.


In my workplace in London, almost all my colleagues (well those who are young at heart at any rate) will have one as December approaches and while the weather turns colder and we watch the skies turn dark earlier (it looks like it is nighttime at 3.30pm, can you believe it, we will exclaim to each other) we will open the window for the day and comfort ourselves with the treat that lies within and the thought that Christmas and the accompanying bank holidays will soon be here.

The Ultimate Advent Calendar retailing at £22

Well I am the envy of my colleagues this year because I have a luxury advent calendar this year, the Ultimate Advent Calendar, courtesy of the generous folks from Hotel Chocolat. I came across Hotel Chocolat's Moorgate store soon after I arrived in London and was impressed by it's sleek decor and impressive range of chocolates. Then I discovered its fantastic online store which made chocolate shopping a breeze. And what is really handy is its ingenious festive creations.


The Ultimate Advent Calendar is just one out of five of a series with one specially for teens another for children. As you can see from the pictures, it comes in gorgeous packaging. Each window conceals 2 baby truffles - bite sized filled chocolates, just enough to put a spring in your walk without making the ladies worry about the calories. There are six different flavours - liquid caramel, gingerbread truffle, orange liqueur truffle, rum liquid truffle, mousse au chocolat, house milk praline. my favourite is the house milk praline and it is a joy to open a window to find my favourite nestled snugly in them.



I admit to having cheated, I couldn't wait six days to try all the different flavours and ended up opening multiple windows at one go. Having 2 chocolates in one window is a brilliant idea - perfect for sharing - just the thing for the chocolate loving couple or in my case, chocolate loving work mates!

If you are heading home for Christmas, this is the perfect British souvenir. Or if you just want to brighten your loved ones' (or your very own) winter days with Christmas gifts , I can think of no better treat than this. Head to Hotel Chocolat for more chocolate gifts.

TT, like most of us, loves her food and adores her chocolates to bits. She is a regular contributor to Singaporean in London and London Chow.

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William K Wallace said...

No Christmas is complete withtout a advent calendar if you ask me and I must say Ultimate Advent Calendar looks like a winner.