Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sun Luen Chinese Bakery in London - fresh Chinese buns, cakes and pastries right off the oven

One thing that you can never get tired of are the Chinese buns and pastries sold at a number of small cafeterias in London’s Chinatown. You could just pop in and have a snack with a cup of tea for less than £2.50 – ideal for those in a hurry or simply looking for a place to catch a breather.


I wrote about Sun Luen Snack Bar some time back. Its selection of buns, cakes and pastries isn’t exactly the widest compared to those along Gerrard Street but there’s this relaxing atmosphere about the little café. Since it’s a bit out of the way, Sun Luen rarely gets any tourists dropping by and the staff are less harried as well. It’s easy to see why Sun Luen is one of my favourite hangout in London’s Chinatown.

Revealing where the factory/bakery is…

After his tipping me off on Raab’s Bakery, MZ let me in on to where the bakery that supplies Sun Luen’s buns, pastries and cakes. I expected it to be somewhere in the suburbs like most suppliers are. Instead, it’s a 10 minute walk from King’s Cross itself and in MZ’s words,”… at the intersection of Caledonian Road and Copenhagen Street” and it’s exactly there. You can’t miss it.


You could be forgiven if you think that the bakery with the same namesake as the shop it supplies is closed for business. After all, its windows are perpetually shut and doors are always closed. But the truth is that the bakery is open till 5pm every single day or until everything is sold out, whichever is earlier.

What should I get then?

The most popular items are Sun Luen’s egg tarts. While it’s not exactly dim sum quality, Sun Luen’s egg tarts are quite sizable with generous good textured custard filling.

Other than that, if you’re a fan of birthday cakes with good o’ cream trimmings, Sun Luen Bakery is the place to go to. Just give them a call a couple of days before to order it and it’ll be all ready for collection at the day of your choice (they open 7 days a week, remember?).

Just one snag, Sun Luen Bakery, like most commercial bakeries, do not accept debit or credit cards payment. But the staff would gladly point you to the petrol kiosk just twenty metres up Caledonian Road where there’s a free cash machine. Also, it’s not cheaper getting directly from the bakery itself but you can be assured of its freshness.

Sun Luen Bakery (Cake Shop)
214 Caledonian Road
London, N1 0NG
Tel: 020 77130787

Have you been to Sun Luen Bakery? Do you know of any other similar bakeries in London?

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William k Wallace said...

I haven't been to Sun Luen Bakery, yet, but I'm going to put it in my little book of things to do and next time I'm down that way I'm going to nip in for some cakes and tea.

C K said...

Oh, Sun Luen Bakery doesn't do tea and buns... it's more of like a wholesale place, only it caters for the individual takeaways. You can drop by the shop that it supplies along Chinatown - see Sun Luen Snack Bar.