Friday, November 12, 2010

Country Living Christmas Fair 2010 at Islington Business Centre - counting down to Christmas

Christmas has got this magical feel in London that is somewhat lacking back home. I'm not sure whether it's the weather, which has seen 80mph gales sweeping through parts of the country as we go well into the autumn, but being snugly wrapped up in coats and scarves does create the anticipation for the festive period that is drawing near.


One of the event that we look forward to at this time of the year is the Country Living Christmas Fair that has been held in Islington Business Centre for the last couple of years, which we dutifully attended to load up on Christmas decorations, gifts and whatnot. This year round, we are delighted to be invited to attend the Christmas Fair.


The slight drizzle in the afternoon failed to dampen the festive mood. People are already emerging from Islington Business Centre hauling huge bags of purchases, clearly very pleased with their finds.

Like previous years, Country Living Christmas Fair delivers yet again. With stalls peddling Christmas themed apparel, crockery, ornaments, toys, jewellery, gifts just to name a few, the exhibition that covers almost every single square metre in the entire three floors could very well put Santa Claus to shame. Set aside at least three hours to cover every single stall (assuming you don't browse too long at each).

Christmas tree decorations from Designers Choice (Stall D31)

Cufflinks with an attitude from SJM (Stall D37)

The Christmas fair was rather packed and considering that it was a Thursday afternoon, it looks like Londoners know a good deal when they see one. So expect a full house this weekend. Well, you still have till this Sunday (14th Nov). Admission tickets to the event start at £16 but advance tickets can be obtain from £11.50. Let the shopping begin!

Country Living Christmas Fair 2010
Islington Business Centre
10th - 14th Nov

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kyh said...

Oh, oh! Those decors from designers choice are looking goooooooooooood! Makes good bookmarks too it seems! :D

C K said...

It's a seasonal gift really. The fair was huge. Don't think some of the store owners took kindly to be snapping around with my Nikon. Oh well...

Oh, Merry Christmas in advance!