Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pierre Herme macarons store in London - best macarons in London

I met up with a fellow Singaporean who flew into London for work the other day. When asked whether he was looking to get something for folks back home, he answered without missing a beat, “A Nespresso machine!". That's of course is one of the things that you should buy in London.


The other thing that he wasn't aware of until I pointed out to him is the macaron. Naturally, Paris is the home of the macarons but London is perhaps the best place outside Paris to get them.


It's curious how some Londoners think that Laduree at Burlington Arcade has the best macarons. Even the concierge staff I encountered at my recent stay at London Metropolitan Hotel thought so. "Pierre Herme? Never heard of it," they said.

Without a single iota of doubt, Pierre Herme, which until recently had only a counter at Selfridges, serves the best macaroons I have ever come across. There is little hint of essence in the cream and its crust is light to the touch.

Well, fans of Pierre Herme macarons will rejoice to hear that it has opened up a store at London's Belgravia, a short walk from Hyde Park's Marble Arch. Other than the entire array of flavours for its macaroons (including pietra, jasmin, rose, infiniment caramel and fragola), Pierre Hermes' store offers it’s a wide selection of its chocolates.



While Pierre Hermes’ macarons alone is worth the trip down to its store (the jasmin and pietra or hazlenut are my favorites), I can’t say the same about its chocolates though. For chocolates, head to Paul A Young, which operates two stores at Royal Exchange Building and Angel’s Camden Passage.

Pierre Herme
13 Lowndes Street, Belgravia, 
London SW1X 9EX
Tel: 020 7245 0317

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Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more on PH macarons being the best ever!!

FĂ«anor said...

When I went to Aix-en-Provence a couple of years for a conference, I got some macarons from there - much better than I've had anywhere else...

Lisa Teng said...

I'm really ecstatic that you featured Pierre Herme macarons.

The first tried it, it was in Paris. Even a few hours before I had to catch a flight to Singapore, I was determined to bring some for family members. I will never forget that moment when I had a passion-fruit/chocolate macaron the size of a fist clenched from PH. Since then, I never found anything else to match their standard. I agree on your point on Laduree's macarons.

I'm glad there is a stand-alone shop in London and I will check it out soon!

A pity they don't have their wasabi flavoured macarons (since it was a seasonal)...

C K said...

@Pleasure Monger,
Ah, glad to know that I'm not alone. :)

Which store did you get that from? Can you still recall?

The funny thing is that it's really difficult to find any info online about Pierre Herme store in London so I thought I'll just put up some.

Wasabi (cringing!). Now, that's something that I'd like to try. Did the macarons survive the trip back home? Have you tried the one at S'pore's Ion? I think they're going for $1 per piece. Didn't think much of them myself.

Lisa Teng said...

Yup, the macarons survived the trip back home. :) The lovely air stewardess placed them somewhere safe during the flight back home. :) Everything was intact...until it reached my family's mouth... :P

The wasabi flavoured macarons wasn't overpowering, perhaps it will come up again since it a lot of people asks for them...

Which cafe at Ion sells the macarons you mentioned? During my recent trip back to Singapore, I saw so many cafes and restuarants serving macarons. It's unbelieveable to see the variety of macarons I saw...even local flavours like kaya and pandan :P

Of course these macarons I've tasted in Singapore are nothing like the ones at PH. :)

C K said...

The one that I was referring to is TWG Tea at Ion Orchard. Are there other shops in Ion that selling macarons as well? I must have missed them. Gosh the place is a maze!

MJM said...

Have you tried the Macaron by Cafe On? I personally prefer them to those offered by PH, but that might just be a matter of taste.