Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 great Christmas stocking fillers under £7.50 - How to be the perfect Secret Santa

It's that time of the year again when we have put on our Secret Santa hat and stick our hands into a box to draw the name of a poor soul who will be receiving a little Christmas present from us. Let's be honest, there's really nothing extraordinary that you can buy for a fiver, can you? Some firms are upping the ante and have raised the bar to a tenner while others stuck to the middle ground at £7.50.

Photo by quadrapop

Well, for one, you'll be able to get stuff other than some dubious looking chocolates from Iceland. Unless the receiver is one of those who is often peckish and hides a horde of tidbits in the bottom drawer. In that case, you can afford more of the Icelandic £1 chocsticks, which no doubt would be very much appreciated.

I walked into Clinton Cards the other day for the sole purpose of getting a stocking filler. If you have not already noticed, the stocking filler industry is built for under a tenner. You can see every single item going for £9.99 and not a penny less. Given a choice, they would have priced all greeting cards at that price as well.

There's no way I'm going to exceed the £7.50 guideline. Now, now, it's a matter of principle really. So I turned to the trusty Amazon and come up with a list of 5 great stocking fillers, all under £7.50 each.

Star Wars Scanimation (£6.48)

Those with kids would know Scanimation. Using a simple but clever sliding mechanism, the hardcover books are known for its moving pictures as you flip each page. Young toddlers just love the butterfiles flapping wings, horses galloping etc. Scanimation has come up with a Star Wars version who will thrill adults as well. This will be a treat to any Star Wars fans. 

Teasub (£6.99)

This innocent cutesy looking device "submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup". Would do nicely for someone who complains incessantly about the tea served in the office pantry's vending machine.

Present Time Bookmark Photoframe (£5.99)

It's a bookmark, it's photoframe! No, it's Bookmark Photoframe! Ok, it's not exactly out of this world but this would suit 'the sensible one' in the office. She can now stare at photos of her loved ones while flipping through her novel, what joy!

Little People in the City (£4.98)

This nifty little hardcover never fails to bring a smile. Humour (often dark) dominates the close up shots of these little people going about in the big city. An all rounder that is suitable for everyone particularly photo enthusiasts who just might go about recreating some of the shots. Price is a tad low but guess what? Its retail price is £10. Hey, you'll even end up looking generous!

Great British Wit (£5.99)

When all else fails, get a book with Churchill on the front cover, with a two finger salute no less. Not exactly the best collection of one liners but there are some pretty decent ones.

"I can never take martinis. Two is the maximum that I'll go for. Three I'll be under the table and four I'll be under the host."

You get the drift. The collection might make someone rather popular at the local pub. Especially when everyone is a bit tipsy.

That's my list this year. Really, there's no point cracking your brain about what to get. Guess what? Even if you foul it up, you'll have the chance to make up for it in a year's time. Just don't let the person know that the miserable gift comes from you.

Just curious, what will you be getting (or have gotten) for stocking fillers this jolly time of the year?

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