Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where to get Chinese New Year goodies in London?


With the year of the Rabbit less than a week away, scores of Chinese lanterns have been stringed up along London Chinatown’s Gerrard Street, Lisle Street and Whitcomb Street. As before, the lanterns, sponsored by Cathay Pacific and Bank of China, have been recycled from previous years in a nod to Chancellor Osborne’s call for austerity.

There was one major disappointment this year round though. It seems that Wonderful Patisserie will no longer be importing Chinese New Year ‘goodies’ that include egg rolls, peanut biscuits, fried shrimp rolls etc, which are wildly popular in Malaysia and Singapore.

Photo by springparty

For those who are banking on Chinatown shops to bring in these Chinese New Year festive goodies, hope is in sight. There are apparently some amateur bakers (see Mini Sam Tan Kitchen) who are churning out these snacks. One catch though – they don’t come cheap; a single kuih bangkit (made of tapioca flour, icing sugar, egg yolk, butter and coconut milk) cost a whopping 30p a piece. That just give us some more incentive to bake some of our own isn’t it? In fact, I did just that. The recipe I found online indicated that I would need around fifteen minutes and the actual time taken was more like under two hours. It didn’t help a bit that they tasted a bit off. Well, that was a start, I guess.

Do you know of any where else where we can get Chinese New Year goodies?

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