Friday, February 18, 2011

Brick Lane graffiti murals installation - Brick Lane's curries and colours

Mention Brick Lane and the first thing that comes to your mind would be the curry houses that line the street. It was many moons ago, when we first descend on Brick Lane, walked into the first curry restaurant that we came across and order our first curry in London. Those were the days when we didn't know the difference between Indian and Bangladeshi curries, before we know that Indian curries are generally drier, uses more spices and chicken tikka masala is created specially to cater to Britons' palate.

Strange really. Some say that Singapore being a trading port back then (and still is), has always been a cultural melting pot. The curries that I grew up eating were not only thick with gravy and cooked with copious amounts of coconut milk but also without beef. Well, I was told from young in the 'Good Citizen' lessons that were part of our school curriculum (I kid you not) that Singaporean Indians are Hindus and they are forbidden to consume beef because of that.

So imagine that it was only in London when I found out that the non-beef thick curries prepared with coconut milk are actually a fusion dish of sorts. It was a revelation.

Gone were the days when I could wander into any curry house and request for the 'extra hot' option. Without a constant diet of chilli, I can no longer handle the spice that I grew up eating. These days I can't even handle the extra hot option for Nandos. I would sweat all over even before the end of the meal. It is an absolute disgrace.

But we aren't talking about Brick Lane's curry houses today are we? Forgive me for digressing.

Other than the curry houses, Brick Lane is also known for the Old Truman Brewery, its quirky vintage shops and above all, the murals, graffiti and even installation pieces that adorned almost every street corner. It was a brilliant day when we dropped in over the weekend and I managed to snap a few shots.

Well, if you have any photographs of Brick Lane that you would like to share, just send it to me at ck[at]singaporeaninlondon[dot[com. I would include them with full acknowledgement in this post too. Cheers!







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