Saturday, February 26, 2011

Brick Lane graffiti street art by Street Art London - win two tickets for walking tour!

While Banksy has been grabbing the major graffiti street art headlines, there are a whole community of like minded street artists who are adorning the streets in London's east end with some pretty impressive and characteristics works. The following guest post is by Street Art London, which is devoted to promoting the best of London street art. Oh, to win a pair of tickets to their walking tour, refer to the end of this post.  

Brick Lane and its surrounding streets have become one of the epicentres of street art in the UK with a huge variety of street artists from both London and overseas regularly putting up new pieces. Let us take you on a pictorial voyage showing off the work of four of the very best:



The Brick Lane area is blessed with a wealth of work from Roa. In case you haven't heard of him, Roa is an extremely talented Belgian street artists who is renowned for his giant black and white animals which may be found on walls and shutters in varying states of decay. Biggest of them all is the Roa Crane on Hanbury Street which was put up by Roa in the Summer of 2010.


There are also a few Rats and Birds which reside on shop shutters along Brick Lane. You'll have to come and see them at night however as they are always hiding during the day!!



Stik, who paints simple androgynous Stik People that are nevertheless capable of conveying lots of emotion. Stik People have been on the march from Hackney Wick into Central London for the last few years and have are extremely popular with many Londoners. Stik has a great piece on Princelet Street, just of Brick Lane, which captures the spirit of the area well.



Invader is French street artist who has been invading cities all over the world since he placed the first Invader on the streets of Paris in 1998. London hasn't been spared and after multiple waves of Invasions there are many Invaders spread throughout London. Invaders are literally just that – homages to the classic Space Invaders arcade game of the 1980s. Each piece is made up of tiles which represent the blocky pixel graphics of the original arcade game.


Each Invader acts as a tiny surveillance drone so next time you are out and about in London, have a look around – something could be watching you. See if you can spot these Invaders along Brick Lane – one is big, one is small!!



Is a French stencil artist who creates tiny and intricate stencils. C215 describes the motivation behind the choice of his subjects as being those people who are rejected by society and capitalism, the ‘forgotten’. The message behind his work is not directly political, instead C215 seeks to humanise his subjects and raise awareness about people’s plight by awakening passers by to the identities behind each individual.


There is also a message behind the placement of his works, behind bars, on bins and on rusty old doors, so called ‘non-places’. These mini-masterpieces may be found around the Brick Lane area.


There is also a very old Banksy piece (which has been sprayed and pasted over many times but it still visible) on Hanbury Street, off Brick Lane. We are not going to put up a photo of it as it would give the game away – see if you can find it for yourselves!

For more street art in London with photos, interviews and news visit us at Street Art London and check out our facebook community too. We also do walking tours around East London and would love to show you all of the street art featured above and more. Ciao, Street Art London.

The kind folks from Street Art London has kindly offered readers of London Expat a pair of tickets for its wildly popular walking tour. To win the pair of tickets for you and your mate, just send an email with the subject titled "I love Street Art London!" to Winner will be chosen at random and contest will end on midnight 5th March!

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