Friday, February 4, 2011

La Creperie de Hampstead - best crepe in London


A trip to Hampstead would normally mean an entire afternoon out at Hampstead Heath, away from the hustle and bustle of London. We would normally either take a heavy meal before making our way there or pack some sandwiches to last us for a couple of hours. However, we have stopped doing that some time back when we found out about La Creperie de Hampstead.

You can’t miss that the crepe place in London. Turn left when exiting from Hampstead Tube station and walk along Hampstead High Street and viola La Creperie de Hampstead is the tiny stall with a long queue just across the road at Perrin's Lane.


La Creperie de Hampstead certainly serves one of the best crepes that I have come across, far better than the ones served at the many dodgy stalls in central Paris. For under a fiver, you would be able to get either a sweet or a savoury crepe. Be it a banana and raspberry or a cheese, ham and mushroom combi, the sizable crepe is literally a small meal in itself. Settle down on the benches beside the thoroughfare with a hot chocolate from the cafes nearby. You got to have crepes piping hot, saving it till when you’re up at Hampstead Heath just won’t do.

Have you tried the crepe at La Creperie de Hampstead before? Which flavour is your favourite?

Le Creperie de Hampstead on Urbanspoon 77 Hampstead High St, Hampstead, London NW3 1RE

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