Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Truman Brewery Boiler House Food Hall - Brick Lane's latest food court


After having a satisfying meal at Sichuan Folk along Hanbury Street last weekend, we headed towards Brick Lane for a stroll to allow our lunch to settle a bit. Brick Lane was one of the first places we have been to when we first came to London and it was also the first place where we have curry in the London.

And as if the rows of curry houses and the food stalls outside Old Truman Brewery's Backyard Market are not enough, we stumbled upon Brick Lane latest food court - the Boiler House. In fact, it's so new that its website is still under construction at the time of writing.


Boiler House food hall is housed within the tall confines of Old Truman Brewery is opened every Saturday (11am - 6pm) and Sunday (10am - 5pm). According to Old Truman Brewery's website, the Boiler House food hall is made up of over thirty food stalls featuring cuisines from all over the world. I didn't keep count. Can't really blame me as my mind just went blank whenever I'm in front of a spread. But I didn't catch a glimpse of Indonesian, Korean and Japanese food stalls. Prices are rather reasonable at around £5 and above for anything decently filling. With ample seating available (both indoor and outdoor), the Boiler House is set to be rather popular with the weekend crowds.

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Pity that we had our fill before chancing upon Boiler House that afternoon but we'll definitely return for a bite soon. Well, here's another place to check out if you are in Brick Lane over the weekend.

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