Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to get to IKEA Wembley - the best way to get there

IKEA (Wembley Park)
2 Drury Way
North Circular Road
London NW10 0TH
Tel: 0845 355 1141
Nearest Tube station: Neasden
I have absolutely no idea what came over me when I suggested to Wife that we should take a trip down to IKEA at Wembley Park over the weekend. It might be the Swedish meatballs, or those small neat room displays of homes. Perhaps it was the idea of having somewhat chic furniture at really affordable prices. Meatballs, it must be that. I was hooked on IKEA's meatballs when the Swedish furniture mall giant opened up its first mega store in Singapore opposite Anchorpoint along Queensway. I reckoned that IKEA is barely breaking even with those meatballs but boy, those uber satisfying meatballs prove to be a major crowd pleaser.

"Come on down to IKEA and have some of our lovely meatballs, and since you are already here, why not pick up some self assembly furniture and cheap lights?"

- IKEA's unpublished jingo

If heading down to IKEA on a windy Sunday just for its meatballs was a dumb idea, setting off at 2.30pm clinched the prize. One of the route suggested by Transport for London (TFL) was taking a bus from Brent Cross Tube station. Halfway through our Tube journey to Brent Cross Tube station, I realised that IKEA shuts at 5pm on Sundays. Guess what? Its cafe (where the meatballs are coming from) closes at 4.30pm. Fine, I took a quick glance at my watch nervously, we could potentially reach IKEA with an hour to spare.

But nope. It turned out that someone decided that it was a good idea to dig up part of the North Circular Road leaving only one clear lane at a major junction. What could have been a twenty minute bus ride became a one hour nightmare. When we eventually stumbled into IKEA, it was already 4.15pm.

Somehow, we managed to do one round of the store (fastest lap ever) within ten minutes and reached the cafe with two minutes to spare. I unconsciously let out a sigh of relieve when the staff put up a "we're closed" barrier behind me immediately after I got through.

Did I get my Swedish meatballs? You betcha. And I'm glad to report that they are still as good as ever, soft and succulent. Next time round, however, I'm going via the Neasden Tube station route. In fact, that was what one of the local hoodies suggested when I stopped to ask for the directions to the nearest Tube station. "Aww, just go up the road and turn right, you can't miss it," he waved his finger at the general direction.

Well, we did eventually get there after a fifteen minute walk. Lesson learnt, if it's walkable, do that. Anyway, here's the route in case you are craving for some oh so lovely meatballs. Just click on the picture below to get a larger image.


Have you been to IKEA Wembley Park? How did you get there? Oh, and did you try out the meatballs?

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