Friday, April 15, 2011

What Royal Wedding souvenirs to get - three of the less tacky ones

Photo by justified sinner

Given the growing interest in the upcoming Royal Wedding, a friend holidaying in the UK thought she might as well get souvenirs related to the event and asked me for suggestions. Now it seems that everyone has been milking the pennies put of this event, even the parents of the happy couple have been reported to have came out with their own merchandise for the event, but some of the souvenirs are really down right tacky. Out of the pile there are some classy and witty picks and here is my take on them.

John Lewis can always be relied on to come up with something tasteful and their "it should have been me" range will bring a smile to any girl's face. Who doesn't want a prince? And at a very reasonable £12 the mug will serve as a practical momento of the event.

You are of course the queen of your household and what better way to remind everyone of that (and to mark the wedding) than with a regal pillowcase. There is a matching pillowcase for your partner, if you decide to elevate him to the status of royalty.

And the perfect gift for the little girl in us: a dress up dolly book for the royal couple. Who didn't enjoy playing with these dolly books as a child? This souvenir would certainly bring those childhood memories back.

This is a guest post by TT, a regular contributor to London Expat and London Chow. She will be glued to the TV for the Royal Wedding while clutching her regal pillow.

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