Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bobble Bottle - how to get filtered tapwater on the move


I was getting some groceries from the local Tesco when I walked past the mineral water section and was mildly amused when I saw those 5L gigantic bottles. I recall that when I first arrived in London, having heard how 'hard' London's tapwater is, I was a bit paranoid about drinking straight from the tap. For several weeks, I carted 5L bottles to and fro the local Tesco to my flat, which was more than my puny arms could managed.

Then I chanced upon a Brita filter advertisement and the rest was history. Not only my water lugging agony was behind me, it worked out to be cheaper as well. And that's taking into consideration that I follow the official recommendation of replacing the Brita filter after every month.

With that problem solved, I then resorted to filling up a water bottle every time I head out. While I have no qualms asking for tapwater at restaurants, I baulk at drinking straight from the tap at the loo. Don't ask me why, the water probably come from the same place but I don't think I would slurping from public toilets' taps anytime soon.


I went round searching for a portable water filtration system and Bobble Bottle is apparently one of the more popular ones in the market. Other than the fact that it's affordable - a £6.99 filter (from Amazon) cleans up to 150L of water (around 4p per litre), it's almost featherweight and the ergonomic bottle does look nice.

There's one drawback though - as the filtration process requires water to be 'forced' through the attached filter, you'll have literally pressed down onto the bottle just to get water through the filter and into your mouth. Not exactly the thing that you are looking forward to do if you have a major thirst. Otherwise I would recommend this if you are always on the move and I expect mine would come in really handy when I am travelling abroad.

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