Wednesday, May 11, 2011

London secure self storage Fort Box - First month free

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It's the time of the year again when the property musical chair routine starts. Late spring and summer, with extended daylight hours, is the most popular period when most rental leases expire with properties released into the market and prospective tenants are out in droves.

While most tenancy agreements usually require tenants to give two months' notice, property agents would tell you that properties are usually released into the market less than a month prior. Because of this, many tenants took a leap of faith, gave early termination notice before actually finding a place.

Other than those who are already in the city, newcomers face the same problem as well. I always believe that one should physically see a place before they put any money down; the photos placed online are at best a gloss over and some aren’t even taken from that particular property.

Therein lies the problem – these people would have to find a place to find a secure storage space in London if they are not able to find suitable accommodation in time. Not everyone live out of a suitcase, me for one took quite a number of trips (considering that I was moving only two streets down) to move all my belonging accumulated over the years. That's where removal storage comes in handy.

Why choose Fort Box?

Enter Fort Box. It offers not only safe storage in its secured 380 storage rooms facility in St John's Wood, but also an entire storage solution. Besides providing storage boxes and other packing material, Fort Box also provides transportation. Now, if you don’t feel like having your hands dirty, they would even do the loading and unloading for you.

Security features at Fort Box’s facility include 24hr digital CCTV, pin code access to individual units, and even vehicle license plate recognition camera to put your heart at ease. Fire alarm and smoke detection system is also in place as a safeguard.

The small touches do matter

That said, what I really like about Fort Box is its small touches – its St John’s Wood facility’s corridors all come carpeted, there’s absolutely no need to fret accidently scrapping the varnish off that antique cupboard of yours. Besides that, there are trolleys freely available to be used in the facility, now that’s one thing you can’t do without.

The bottomline

I can go on and on but let’s zoom in on what really matters. There’s really no point getting a huge room if you are just looking at storing a couple of boxes, is there? Fort Box offers a variety of options from a 10 square feet storage unit (enough for 10 small boxes) to a whopping 150 square feet, which is recommended if you were to transfer your worldly possessions from a three bedroom property. If you think that you’re going to pay a small fortune for them, you’ll be surprised. The prices range from just £10 per week to a very reasonable £80 per week (yep, the 150 square footer). And guess what? Fort Box throws in the first four weeks for free! Did I mention that if you are within a three to five mile radius from the facility, Fort Box will actually provide free van transportation for storage units up to 50 square feet? You do know a deal when you see one, don’t you?

The next time you are looking for London storage, why not give Fort Box a go?

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