Saturday, May 14, 2011

Plusixfive - London's first Singaporean Supper Club hosted by Goz


It's no secret that I adore my food. To me, it's not so much the food itself but the memories associated with the food itself. Be it the pork porridge from the dingy stall in a corner of Chinatown, the char kuay teow (fried noodles) from the sweaty chap in my secondary school canteen, the roti prata (fried flour based pancakes) that mum got me every Sunday morning or the hainanese chicken rice at the now demolished hawker centre at Margaret Drive, I could literally associate every single bit of memory to a particular dish.

While I do try to sample dishes that originate from beyond the shores of Singapore and dutifully document a large part of those at London Chow, I can't help but feel a slight palpitation whenever someone mentioned that there is a new Singaporean or Malaysian (which is close enough) restaurant in town.

Imagine my excitement when I receive notice that London's first Singaporean themed supper club will debut on 29th May. Aptly named Plusixfive (+65 is Singapore international dialing code), Goz, who have apparently been making waves with his culinary prowess in the very small Singaporean community in London, will be hosting the supper club in his Islington home.

Believe it or not, Goz has yet to confirm his menu but according to Wen Lin at Going With My Gut, he is leaning towards ox cheek rendang, lor ahrk (Teochew braised duck) and sambal stingray (skate). I wouldn't be surprised if bookings have already closed for the first night considering that it would be a cosy affair like all supper clubs but I am sure there will be more sessions following right up.

Well, if you are staying put in London over Spring Bank Holiday on 29th May and fancy some authentic home-cooked Singaporean street dishes, why not get in touch with Goz, you might just get lucky. Check out Plusixfive.

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