Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heston new ice-cream range at Waitrose - popcorn caramel with bits of popcorn kernel in it


Wife has got a habit of picking up the Waitrose magazine every time we visit the local store. Those times that they did not go straight onto the pile of discarded Time and Shortlist magazines, we managed to pick up an odd recipe here and there, not to mention the latest offerings the Waitrose had in stock.

That was how we came to know of the new Heston's ice-cream range. We were at Brunswick Square when we decided to pick up some dessert to go with our four-cheese laksa (more on that later). We headed straight to the freezer section and picked up Heston's ice-cream. It was a tussle between his popcorn caramel, mustard savoury or chocolate rosemary flavours. We went for the safest choice in the end.

After tasting Heston's lapsang souchong smoked salmon, we have come to expect great things of anything that is sealed with Heston's stamp of approval. His popcorn caramel ice-cream (£1.95 for 300ml) tasted not only with a unmistakable tinge of caramel but also bits of popcorn kernel in it. We dispatched of it in no time.

Now, ice-cream rarely gets better than that. Here's one to ice-cream that doesn't actually add to the guilt.

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