Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to get Wimbledon Tennis tickets (Center Court) without queuing


I'm not sure about you but while I'm a fan of Wimbledon, I'm never too fond of queuing for tickets. Never had too much luck on the balloting part so that's not an option for me as well. So you might be wondering where we got the tickets for Wimbledon Centre Court from? I'm going to let you in on a little known secret, which is closely held by all Wimbledon fans, particularly those who hate queuing like me.

On the eve of every single Wimbledon match when the clock struck 8.30pm [UPDATE NOTE: Wimbledon will be selling next day tickets at 9am everyday for 2011], Ticketmaster will release a bunch of tickets to be sold online on a first come first serve basis. These tickets are sold on a full face value plus a small admin charge, which is considerably cheaper than any other ticket reselling websites. And yes, you can get Wimbledon Finals Centre Court tickets in this manner as well.

I'm not sure whether the number of tickets released every evening would be somewhat consistent but you would naturally have a higher chance of getting one if you go for quarter-finals and semi-finals rather than the final itself. If you are not so much into catching the final but would rather go for a particular player, look out for the lineups on Wimbledon's official website and get ready for some fast mouse clicking action the evening before at 8.30pm on Ticketmaster.

Oh, apologies for not being able to point you to the actual site on Ticketmaster as the actual webpage would only be up on that evening before the match. Just head towards the Ticketmaster website that evening (a couple of minutes before 8.30pm) and search for "Wimbledon" on the search bar right at the top.  

Happy clicking and good luck!

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