Friday, June 24, 2011

Shortlist magazine - Danny Wallace's column is probably the only thing keeping me sane on the Tube


It is said that Friday is the new weekend. If that’s so, then Thursday must be the new Friday. But that’s not the main reason why I look forward to every Thursday though. On Thursdays, I would stride towards the Tube station with gusto in anticipation of my weekly dose of Shortlist magazine. “For men who have more than one thing on their minds” read Shortlist’s slogan. Other than the latest electronic gadgets, automobiles, Shortlist does fitness regimes, interviews with cultural icons and lifestyle trends – everything in a neat oversized magazine that can be easily digested within a single twenty minute Tube ride. Anything more than that, you'll have to supplement it with the daily Metro.

But there’s one page that I would turn straight to when I get my hands on Shortlist – Danny Wallace’s column. Wallace has got this wickedly self deprecating humour that is always a joy to read. Be it being stuck along a French highway with only a single French word under his belt (it’s supermarche by the way), hosting an award ceremony where one of the presenter has a name with an odd pronunciation, a simple elevator button pressing dilemma or a seat in the park, Wallace is always able to turn the most mundane into something hilarious.

Like him, with a kid in tow, I can relate to his apprehensiveness when bringing the little one on their first long haul flight. I felt the evil eyes casted upon us the moment we stepped into the plane and could literally hear the sighs of relieve when people realised that we were seated quite a fair bit from them. I used to loath seating near parents with young kids. Borrowing Wallace’s words, “Oh no! I am now those people!”.

I've just bought Wallace's Yes Man and now awaiting its delivery. Heard from MZ that it's a good read. Well, judging from what I've come across thus far, it should bring a chuckle or two. Meanwhile, I'll go revise the Shortlist's four-panel survival lessons. You never know when you would need to jump off a moving car, confront a grizzly bear or start a fire with flintstones, you know that sort of thing.

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