Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Freightliners City Farm (Islington) - small, neat and compact


Freightliners City Farm
Sharingham Road
London N7 8PF
Tel: 020 7609 0467
To be honest, I don't think anyone my age have seen a live cow (or even chicken for that matter) back home when I was a kid. Brought up in a concrete jungle, the only livestock that we see are either on television, books or those on our dining tables. That's probably explains why I am thoroughly obsessed about letting LO come into contact with live animals as much as possible.

After having our lunch at The Fellow that Sunday, MC brought us to a nearby city farm, which is a stone's throw away from Highbury & Islington station. Freightliners City Farm (a curious name for a city farm I must say), is a (size) plot of land. According to Wikipedia, the farm first started on a patch of land behind King’s Cross in 1973 and the animals were housed in disused railcars. The farm moved to its present site in 1978.




In terms of size, it’s among the smaller city farms in London. But what fascinates me about Freightliners City Farm is how compact and clean it is. The farm, which is just a stone's throw from Liverpool Road's Morgan M, It manages to squeeze cows, goats, sheep pigs, ducks, rabbits and a number of chicken with two resident cats prowling the farm. With hand washing points installed at every conceivable corner, it is the perfect place to bring the children if you are in the area.


Like most city farms in London, there’s a cafĂ© tucked in a corner near the farm’s entrance. It does cakes and tea as well as some very substantial pasta. To occupy the young ones while you have your tea, there’s even a duck pond right beside it. Now, if that’s not handy, I don’t know what is.

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