Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mid-Autumn Festival in London - of mooncakes and lanterns


It just dawned to me this morning that it is Mid-Autumn Festival after coming across some tweets on Twitter. I had to take a trip down to London's Chinatown for a shot at the lanterns along Gerrard Street. It is almost a yearly pilgrimage now as I join the tourists queuing up for the best photo spots.

I noticed something immediately when I finally reached Chinatown. The number of lanterns was obviously smaller than previous years. Could it be that Cathay Pacific (sponsor of lanterns in previous years) has cut back on its sponsorship? Regardless, the effect has been watered down quite a bit.

I was in Loong Fung Supermarket selecting mooncakes when Wife called. "Don't just go for the cheapest one," she cautioned. We went for Wonderful Patisserie's in-house brand last year and I very nearly swore off mooncakes for the rest of my life (which might not be a bad thing for my cholesterol level come to think of it).


The dearest on the shelves were those baked with XO liquor. I decided to play it safe and went for the traditional white lotus paste with double egg yolks. One mooncake was devoured the moment we opened up the box of four. I would be really surprised if the rest were to last beyond tomorrow.

We did bring some real lanterns from a recent trip back home. Not those fancy battery operated ones but those that actually use proper candles. Would be lighting them before the clock strikes twelve. With the blustery winds outside, we are forced to do that indoor. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the fire alarm wouldn't go off.

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