Friday, September 2, 2011

Sean Smith Frontlines exhibition at King's Place - the terror and futility of war


Sean Smith Frontlines
King's Place
90 York Way
London N1 9AG
Admission free
till 30 Sept 2011
Tel: 020 7520 1485
If a picture paints a thousands words, Sean Smith's Frontlines, a photo exhibition at King's Place managed to unleashed the terror and mundaneness of war simultaneously with just fifty-six large print photos.

Sean Smith, who is with the Guardian and Observer newspapers presents a selection of photos taken from conflicts at Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Israel, Congo, many of which taken at the frontlines. The exhibition, which spans over the two basement floors at King's Place, stripped the vanilla packaging from these conflicts and showed them as they were - cruel and futile.

Be it showing soldiers enjoying a round of Monopoly or mistakenly killing a taxi driver who had merely lost his way or even a Congolese victim carelessly cast aside like a carcass with his body ripped apart, Smith manages to bring forth the unmistakable dispassionate tone that is ever so common in war photographers. The exhibition also launches Smith's Frontlines, the complete compilation of his works of the eight major conflicts that he covered in the last two decades, with an introduction by John Snow.

Frontlines, which is a free exhibition is on at King's Place till 30th September 2011 before moving on to Northumbria University Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne in October. Catch it while it's in town. Leave aside an hour for this.

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