Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birley Salt Beef at Canary Wharf - crackling roast pork to die for


My bad. P has been asking me to check out Birley Salt Beef at Canary Wharf during lunch for the longest of time but I was always waylaid by Wasabi. I know its chicken katsu curry isn't exactly the healthiest but I'd slog it out at the gym afterwards (nope, that never happens).

So P had to physically drag me away from the long queue at Wasabi yesterday to join another at Birley. Located at the basement of One Canada Square (the pyramid top building ever so prominent at the centre of Canary Wharf), there's always a queue at Birley during lunches. I can think of only two reasons when a queue starts to build up - either the service is slow or the food is darn good. With six counters serving customers simultaneously at Birley, it has to be the latter.

I didn't go for the salt beef or the roast beef that P recommended. I was mersmerised by the huge slab of roast pork lying on the counter. More precisely, my eyes were on the crackling on top. My salivary glands started working overtime and I was having trouble hiding that. "Next!" shouted a counter staff and off I was beaming in front of him in an instant, jabbing at the roast pork (through the glass display of course). "Do you want the crackling by the side?" he asked. I gave him my best impression of the nodding toy (yep, the same one you have on your car's dashboard). The glee on my face when I handed over £5.25 at the payment counter was utterly embarrassing (they don't seem to take cards). I couldn't hardly wait to sink my teeth into the thick sandwich.


I took a huge bite, chewed it a bit and then nibble the accompanying crackling, fully savouring the fats and all. And gave P a wide grin. "Boy, it's good..." I acknowledged. No answer came for he was slowly working through his roast beef. For me, I'm just glad to find another place to eat in Canary Wharf.

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