Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thai-An Chapel Market Chinese grocery store - a mini Chinatown in the heart of Angel Islington

23 White Conduit Street
London N1 9HA
Tel: 020 7833 1797
Nearest Tube station: Angel ‎
A confession to make here: I can't do without my instant noodles. There's a real comfort factor here - springy noodles in hot piping soup (albeit MSG laden) is a must when the weather turns chilly. Not just any instant noodles though, definitely not the 10p generic brands packets that supermarket stocks. I'm referring to Nong Shim and Chu Qian Yi Ding.

The mere thought that I have to trek all the way down to Leicester Square to get them despairs me. Other than instant noodles, I would need to head to Chinatown just to stock up on Thai fragrant rice even my favorite brands of sauces and condiments.

That is if not for Thai-An, the Chinese (Oriental) grocery store that has opened since 2007 at Chapel Market's White Conduit Street. Yes, compared to the larger Chinese supermarkets at Chinatown, the variety of stocks at Thai-An is pathetic but the basic range is there and would more than satisfy the casual shopper. Unlike those stores at Chinatown, you feel less harried (not that there's lots to browse anyway, but you get the idea), there's no queuing to speak of with the layout's cleaner and better organised to boot. Perhaps the best of all, Thai-An opens till 7pm so there's a good chance that it still would be when you return for work.

I'd probably check out its smallish fridge for some sliced meats, tofu and dumplings during the coming winter. Just the thing I need for a hot broth when it gets colder. Hmm...

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