Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best baby friendly restaurant in Islington - The Blue Legume

The Blue Legume
177 Upper Street
London N1 1RG
Tel: 020 7851 7051
Nearest Tube station: Highbury & Islington
It has been sometime since I've written about child friendly restaurant in Islington. Since then Ambassador at Exmouth Market has closed down; the shop's windows were boarded up when I went by Santore for its marvelous pizza a couple of weeks back.

Sunday breakfast is always a tricky issue. Even though I'm all for lying in bed and contemplating life, LO would have none of that. She'd sit on my chest and do her 'bouncy, bouncy' routine and that's on a good day. Five minutes of that is all I can take before I realise that breaking my ribs isn't worth the extra lie in.

Dragging our feet to The Blue Legume for a late Sunday brunch is now a weekly routine. Even though Giraffe is only a stone's throw away and LO loves their helium balloons, we would rather take a slow stroll to The Blue Legume along Upper Street instead.

Why? Simple. Because the staff at The Blue Legume go all out to make your little ones feel at home. Expect crayons, drawing papers and stickers to begin with. For those a bit older, their drawings would promptly be displayed on wall just behind the coffee counter's - much to the children's delight.


This time round, a staff promptly placed two die cast vehicles on the baby highchair after it has been set up. But what LO really loves is The Blue Legume's babycino. While The Blue Legume's babycino comes complementary (a pal's kid gulped down three), Giraffe charges £1.20 for each serving. Thickly foamy milk with a dusting of chocolate power and colourful sprinkle at the top - I would have gulp that down in an instant should LO show the slightest hint of disinterest in it. Not a chance - it was gone under two minutes. "Milk!" she demanded for a second helping immediately, making clear her intention.

The Blue Legume has recently introduced a kids' menu. Printed on a white sheet of paper with tracings of pictures yelling to be coloured, it kills two birds with one stone. Parents can get their toddlers a fuss free meal and the menu doubled up as a colouring sheet too. Genius.

Sometimes, hassled parents would just like to have semblance of a meal with their kids in tow (see tips on bring young children to restaurants). If a restaurant can do whatever it takes to placate the children, it would command a loyal following among parents with young kids. The Blue Legume does that brilliantly. Take that from a dad with bruised ribs.

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