Saturday, November 5, 2011

Giffgaff - mobile plans with unlimited data for only £10 per month!

My old O2 sim card abandoned...

I am a bit nervous. But I have to do this. I picked out my O2 sim card from my ancient iPhone, remove the new sim card from its card jacket before popping it into the phone. Reset the phone and the familiar apple logo lit up moments later. I hold my breath... the phone registers the mobile signal... 3G signal comes shortly thereafter. Whew, this is easier than I thought. I call Wife's number just to be sure that the line is working fine. Yep, it went through. I breath easy again.

Like my broadband, I try not to mess around with my phone's mobile plan. Being one of those phone junkies, I use my phone for checking emails, make reservations at restaurants, play games on it, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, I even rely on it for Google map. In short, I'd be gutted should my phone stops working.

But I just couldn't resist the cheap phone tariff when I see one. Whoever who says that there is no mobile plans that offers unlimited data just hasn't look far enough. Enter Giffgaff. Yes, it's not the most elegant of names but apparently giffgaff is an ancient Scottish term that means "mutual giving". If you are still with me, check this out. Giffgaff has the only mobile plans that offers unlimited data at rock bottom prices.

Also, you'll automatically receive a £5 top-up when you sign up (I'll tell you how later on). If I've gotten your attention, there are a whole lot more reasons why you should switch to giffgaff and here are five of them.

1. It is the cheapest plan around

I did a comparison between giffgaff and the big four mobile phone service providers on similar sim card only, no contract plans
                   Minutes        Text         Data      Monthly cost    
O2:                100       |Unlimited |   100Mb    | £13.50  
Three:            300       |   3000    |      1Gb     |  £10
Orange:          100       | Unlimited |   250Mb    | £10.50
Vodafone:    £10 worth |    300      |   500Mb    | £10
Giffgaff:          250       |Unlimited | Unlimited | £10 (need I say more?)

2. Excellent support provided by existing users

Still not convinced by hard figures? Unlike other phone operators, Giffgaff users are actually supported by other Giffgaff users (yes, you'd probably find me among them if you switch over). More on the motivation later on. But rest assured that you won't get route to a call centre with the dreaded "press 1 for ..., press 2 for...." holding message. Instead, Giffgaff maintains a lively forum where every question is bombarded with answers and workaround solutions by those who have been there and done that.

3. Great coverage

Giffgaff is not some dodgy service provider. If it is of any comfort to you, Giffgaff hooks onto O2 network. Once you have switched over, your phone will be on O2 network and there's no difference between you or any other people who are currently on O2, other than them paying more and receiving less that is.

4. Easy to switch over

You could literally pop out your old sim card and insert Giffgaff's in without any issue. I did mine in under a minute and only because I stopped to wipe off some accumulated dirt. Changing the phone settings can be done in another two minutes, depending on how fast you type. All procedure will be sent to you via email once you have activated your Giffgaff sim card. Yes, it's that easy.

Like all service providers, if you would like to retain your mobile number, you'll have to request for your existing PAC code from your current service provider and input it when activating your GiffGaff card. Not to fret, again the exact procedure is all online. Just head to the Giffgaff forum if you have any problem and fellow Giffgaff users will be tripping over each other to help you.

Also, Giffgaff provides both normal sized SIM and micro SIM. No need to go through the hassle of cutting it down to size. You'd most probably cut it too small (like I did).

5. It's Payback time

There is a reason why Giffgaff is able to offer such a fabulous package at a pittance. It functions on a skeletal crew that comes into the picture only when required, like when you accidentally cut your Giffgaff sim card into two.

Giffgaff's Payback scheme attributes cookie points to any existing Giffgaff users who helps out other users in its forum. These points can then be converted into cash to be paid out twice per year (June and December). That explains the enthusiasm of Giffgaff users in the forum.

Here's the clincher: existing Giffgaff users can get a Payback of £5 whenever a new user signs up for a new sim card under them. To sweeten the deal, the new user who signs up through a referral gets a £5 credit too. :)

Sounds good to you? Just sign up here to get a £5 auto top up.

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