Wednesday, November 9, 2011

10 Reasons Why London is the New Center of Art


This is a guest post from Brianna Davis of Bachelor of Arts.

While the basis for English speaking society, London is far more than a historical location. It is and continues to be a hub for all sorts of art, both new and old. If you need more convincing, check out these ten reasons why London is the place for art.

1. The Galleries – With entries for everything from modern contemporary to classics, there is no lack of places to visit or a variety of art to see. Galleries can range from muti-million dollar arenas to the corner shop variety.

2. The Museums – There are tons of museums in London that display everything from classical works to modern masterpieces. The world famous British Museum is just one, and it even offers free entry to everything but special exhibitions. Must sees include the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon sculptures.

3. The Moderns – But classical works aren’t the only reason to visit. The Tate Gallery of Art is one of the best known museums of modern art. It was transformed by famous architects at a cost of 130 million pounds from an old power station, and the outside is reason enough to check it out.

4. Sotheby’s – Check out what the rich folks are buying with a look to Sotheby’s of London. Little seen works of art are commonly put up for display before auction, as well as many other rarities.

5. Street Art – Can’t afford a ticket to all the art galleries? Then check out the tons of artwork located all over the streets of the city at no charge. The Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square alone is worth the look for the three statues and the missing fourth one that local artists often use to display their own works.

6. Art Installations – In keeping with the above, you can see works of art for free in many
art installations across the city. One of the most famous is Spitalfields. It has been home to everything from oversized white rabbits to Wild System No. 18.

7. Public Art – This is another art collection with special appeal for those light on the wallet. The borough of Lewisham alone has 60 works of art from the Thames river to Beckenham in the south. There are murals, statues, and much more for the viewing.

8. For Sale – You don’t have to leave your trip to view art in London empty-handed. There are many places where artists sell their works of art for reasonable prices. One of the best known is Bayswater Road. Artists gather here every week to display paintings, drawings, sculptures, and much more.

9. The Schools – In addition to creating art, London is also a hub of teaching art. There are
many schools where students learn and share their artwork in an academic setting. One such school is the Royal Academy of Arts that is often host to exhibitions.

10. And the Rest – In addition to visual art, London is also home to some of the world’s best
theater companies. See everything from Shakespeare as it used to be done to modern works and even musicals.

Brianna Davis keeps up the site Bachelor of ArtsHer site helps students find the right college to get a degree in the arts.

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