Saturday, December 10, 2011

London guide for international students - having a good time on a budget


This article is provided by Steve Harris on behalf of Middlesex University, which teach 35,000 students worldwide in locations including London, Dubai and Mauritius.

Whether you’re new to our country’s capital or an expat returning to undertake postgrad courses, London can seem an intimidating place, especially to students. First and foremost there’s the tube to deal with or if you’re feeling especially brave the buses. Then there’s the cost of living. It’s no secret London is an expensive place to stay, and when trying to do that on a student budget the task can seem nigh on impossible. Luckily we’re here to give you some tips on the most cost effective places to eat, shop and party.


Photo by MarineBugs

Science Museum
Where – South Kensington, London
Cost - Free
First opened in 1857, the Science Museum has 40 galleries for visitors to experience some of science’s biggest breakthroughs over the past 300 years. These include Glimpses of Medical History, Exploring Space, Psychology: Mind Your Head and Who Am I? A unique chance to explore the science behind who you are. The Science Museum also has its very own IMAX Cinema but viewing the films cost extra, however they are well worth seeing, especially Hubble 3D - a fascinating look at distant galaxies as the Hubble telescope is serviced.


Photo by Kake Pugh

M Manze
Where – Bermondsey
London has got plenty of good-value places to eat, but as you’re new to London we though it’d be ideal for you to get acquainted with some good old English food! M.Manze on Tower Bridge Road is London’s oldest pie and mash shop (jellied eels are also available if you’re feeling really adventurous). It’s rare that you’ll be spending less than a fiver on food with such great surroundings as here, so get on it.


Photo by Timeout

The Pattern Market
Where - Kingsland Road
Tucked away on the corner of Kingsland Road, this vintage store is a joint collective of vendors peddling everything from furniture to books to bags to art. And rails and rails of clothes of course. You’re bound to grab a bargain here and don’t be afraid to barter!


Photo by Ewan-M

The Old Blue Last
Where – Great Eastern Street
This venue is owned by Vice magazine and has a nice bar, decent sound system and plenty of space. The pub regularly has live music upstairs (much of it free) and has even been known to have the occasional secret shows from high profile acts as diverse as Arctic Monkeys and Steel Panther. You never know, you might get lucky when you check it out!

Have you got any more suggestions on where to have a good time without burning a hole in your pocket?

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