Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Winter Wonderland Hyde Park - the biggest Christmas Market in London


Christmas is just round the corner and it's the perfect excuse to fly to continental Europe for their Christmas markets especially with the cheap flights available. I can't help but notice that the vast majority of the European Christmas markets are about Christmas decorations, crafts, beer and warm hearty food. But if you would rather stay closer to home, there's a huge Christmas market right at your doorstep.

Forget about crafts at the biggest Christmas market in London, it's a big excuse for having fun, stuffing your face with bratwursts and downing that with gallons of mull wine. The Winter Wonderland at London's Hyde Park has become a great affair to the build up of Christmas.

Someone told me that he has totally forgotten about it until he saw a huge part of Hyde Park being lit up in the middle of the night while his plane was approaching Heathrow Airport. So it's not my imagination that Hyde Park's Christmas fair is getting bigger by the year.


A couple of years' back, it mostly about the ice skating rink. Back then, the rectangular rink was kind of awkward as people don't tend to skate in rectangles, do they? This time round, the rink is a huge squarish one with a live band in the centre stage. So you can be excused for thinking that the crowds surrounding the rink was actually watching the band and not waiting for you to fall on your butt.


While there is the Haunted House and House of Mirrors, the thrill rides are clearly the main deal at Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. Expect rides that would spin you round right up to 60 metres in the sky before dropping you right back to the ground, not something that you would like to try immediately after a heavy meal. There's even one entire section (bouncy castle, carousel, train ride, the whole works) dedicated for kids, tamer but by no means less fun.

If you are flying into London for its Boxing Day sales, Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland, which is right smacked between Oxford Street (Selfridges, Primark, John Lewis etc.) and Harrods at Knightsbridge, is the perfect place to chill out and take a breather. Check out for some great deals for London hotels.

How to get to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland

The best way would be to approach from Hyde Park Corner Tube station (exit to Hyde Park) on the Piccadilly Line. You can just about see the main entrance to Winter Wonderland when you come to the surface.

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Have you been to Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland? How did you find it?

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